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~ Austin Farmers' Market ~ Time Lapse

- - - M U S I C - - -

Artist : Norah Jones

Song : Creepin' In

Album : Feels Like Home


The Farmers' Market has grown a TON since this video was taken. If you're visiting Austin and looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, swing by downtown and check it out. Free parking last time I checked :) Republic Square Park, 4th & Guadalupe.


I want to thank everyone for their views & comments and all around support. Means a lot to get good feedback, I'm sure that's why a lot of us are on flickr in the first place. help get that boost to go out and be even more active. So feel free to glance through my photostream, I've turned into somewhat of a gardener lately - I'd love comments & feedback in that arena if it interests anyone.


Here's My Gardening Album

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This one's a time lapse of the vendors at Austin's Farmers' Market setting up early on a Saturday morning. This is the video I'd really been wanting to do for a long time. I liked how it turned out. Have a good view of some of the downtown austin skyline too, the main building is the Frost Bank Tower.


I got really lucky because I wanted the camera going before the first person got there and you can see I started taking photos right when the first set-up person's truck was at the traffic light across the street. Have to say I would have been totally annoyed if I had missed him by a few minutes ;)


My personal faves are the airplane that comes thru right at the beginning, about 5 seconds in, and crosses behind the building on the left the second the lights go out at the top, almost like a lightswitch.


Always love the traffic lights, but one part I really love is the tow truck that comes in at around 50 seconds to tow the SUV out of the way. Thats actually an ongoing joke with a few of us at the apartment, because they'll tow the cars somewhere else in the vicinity, and when the people come back for their cars (usually after a Friday night of drinking downtown), they'll sometimes wander around forever wondering what on earth happened to their cars. pretty funny to see...


It's definitely a great weekly market to visit here in Austin with live music and wonderful vendors. Check out their website for more information.


1 photo every 5 seconds, from about 6:15am - 8:45am. Put together with Quicktime at 24fps. Comes to a little less than 2000 photos in this one.

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Taken on March 9, 2009