Rough wireframe for the new Account Planning Group (APG) website

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    Very rough wireframe for the new APG website. If you have a thought, share it.

    Some real-time feedback

    @ruxton I would use an image on ur feature headline area, no 'possible' about it. It'll draw attn. Also found ppl ignore those recent comments tabs & not care for it. Putting comments in front of them will get more clicks.
    @larzshinobi I'd put 'search' above 'join' and instead of calendar I'd use 'upcoming events'.

    - Wire frames
    - Homepage
    - Article page

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    1. tiphereth 113 months ago | reply

      Does it have to be called APG? its one of those acronyms...

    2. mark-pollard 113 months ago | reply

      Good question. You're talking about the name generally speaking, right? Not just what appears on the website?

    3. kevin ferry 113 months ago | reply

      Here's some quick thoughts;
      > Scroll profile pictures, bios of some of the members (no 3 clicks)
      > newsletter?
      > Latest whitepaper- article by this month's planner(snippet on HP)
      > stats, data, insight or did you know (updated reg)
      > Latest News on what's happeining in different sectors - FMCG etc.

    4. angusf 113 months ago | reply

      - Agree with @larzshinobi, list of coming events is better than calendar style display

      - Assume promo area changed frequently, events related? If so, & this a public page, you need something prominent, permanent but succinct that says what the APG is and what this site is for, in text for SEO & orientation for new visitors (much like they have on current site - but briefer?)

      - Should the Get involved, Join/Login, Subscribe stuff be grouped together somehow, all could be considered related, different degrees of participation?

    5. angusf 113 months ago | reply

      Second Kevin's idea of member profiles/intros direct on front page

    6. Ruxton 113 months ago | reply

      regarding what @larzshinobi said, it got me thinkin..

      move search in the same line as the h1, lift the "what is?" overlay a little so it doesn't bite over the search box too much. Now you can expand the calendar a bit more (it looks a bit squished in).

      re: what i said about the comments.. i got to thinking after looking at the current site, are they reallly that important that they need to be sidebar pushed? i don't think so. If you care what someones saying it's usually because they're talking about what you're reading about and you generally read that at the bottom of the page (the flow of the document). Pushing comments on a "site" seems weird, pushing comments in a "community" makes more sense than pushing the article itself most of the time, so in that case, perhaps fusing the 2 together into some kind of "Recent STUFF" and visually differing them in the list is the answer, that is if you think the comments really need to be pushed at people.

    7. mark-pollard 113 months ago | reply

      Just to clarify... JOIN = paid membership. We may evolve this into a Buddy Press community but not sure we have the resources to focus/build/sustain it... yet.

      @Kevin Great content ideas. Hoping we get contributors to make it all happen.

      @Angus - agree re: clear 'what we're about' up top. I dig the design pattern/s 37 Signals roll out (eg They always tell you in plain English what their product is about very quickly.

      I guess I've kept the participation in content separate to the 'join the organisation' stuff because they feel different... but good point. will re-think.

      @ruxton - yep think the search thing will move up. common feedback.

      calendar - yes good points here re: purpose, name. None of the above is to scale. Quick squiggle on a plane.

      comments - fair point. I'm still making my mind up about how prominent to make comments on homepages... think it's good on one hand since comments drive a lot of time people spend on websites... Any other opinions on that?

    8. Ruxton 113 months ago | reply

      I look at it from the angle that if i'm on a site reading an article about X, i'll read the comments about X. i don't really care about the comments on Y cos i really don't know about Y yet. I can already see the comments for X, comments on articles i don't know or haven't read about ( Y ) seem stupid.

      I do see where you're coming from, if you invite alot of users to comment and the users get seriously engaged in the site, then they're probably going to care what others are saying about everything because the users practically know each other. Though i think thats when it starts to lean more towards the BuddyPress Community, so I guess it all depends on the focus and what you're trying to achieve, the end goal and more importantly what you're capable of controlling now.

      All it's doing though is driving more internal links to your popular content, but when the link titles are things like "Ruxton says: Quidjybo this shit is bomb!" i think it's pretty pointless and it could be bad if you take a bit of time to moderate something.

    9. lilit 113 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called I ♥ wireframes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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