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    This is an AMAZING story...
    ...walking through our local park I stumbled upon a man feeding pigeons. I asked how he was and we engaged in a conversation. Little by little he told me that he was a captain on a ship and that he lost everything when they found a large quantity of drugs on it. He is homeless for last 8 or so years... He walks for 100s of kilometers between cities but he says he lives here witch I know he does since I saw him on the streets before. He says that he will get his license back in 2014 and that his former company is just waiting for him... He says that he was situated in Spain...
    He did show great knowledge of usual stuff around the world and many Spanish words...
    ...I choose to believe this story!

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    1. Rafael García Márquez マドリード 69 months ago | reply

      I'm really impressed. What a set!!
      Even better, you've shared a story and the nice approach you made.
      His gaze is so expressive!
      Now more than ever, thanks for sharing

    2. Paul Steptoe Riley 69 months ago | reply

      Great story. If he is not truthful he is certainly a gifted storyteller. In the absence of further information and judging solely by appearence, I would say he looks honest in your portrayal of him.

    3. Bean* 69 months ago | reply

      peoples lives - so interesting.
      great portrait of him!

    4. jhmessner [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      This face tells a story. Good stuff!

    5. UrbanOnOff 69 months ago | reply

      excellent series of images !!

      love the POV on the second shot !!

    6. Pen and Vogue 69 months ago | reply

      The portrait reveals something but not everything.

    7. causes & conditions 69 months ago | reply

      great story. it very much adds to the portraits :)

    8. Maria@through my eyes/ very busy 69 months ago | reply

      while looking at each picture,
      i am listening...
      to what he has to tell..
      and like Paul is saying... doesn't matter if it is the truth

      he speaks about life
      being on the boat.... to learn how to cross the ocean

      in many aspects of life......
      an excellent series

    9. proof_by_contradiction 69 months ago | reply

      Wonderful portrait...and I enjoyed the story, whether true or not...

    10. Marko Paovica 69 months ago | reply

      Rafael García Márquez Thank you for your kind words!
      Paul Steptoe Riley That was my soul intention in his portrayal! Thanx for seeing that...!
      George Tsilepidis Bean* John Messner UrbanOnOff Pen and Vogue colin rhodehamel Thank you!
      Maria Thank you so much Maria! Victor Shoup Thank you! It ws my intention and I am glad you saw it that way!

    11. Vincentius Heri 69 months ago | reply

      You mean 2014 right and not 1914? :D
      This is a really great portrait my friend. What a story too huh? His calves muscle look like he did walked 100 km between cities. I'm curious to know how he'll be doing in 2014 onwards. Could be a great story..

    12. Hameediii 69 months ago | reply

      his story reminds me of Contraband,a film i saw recently.nice portrait.Hope he can get through this tough phase.Have a great weekend:)

    13. Marko Paovica 69 months ago | reply

      Jazz Sandoval Thank you!
      Vincentius Heri 2014 of course. I corrected that, thank you! I too am waiting for that 2014 just to see what will happen to him :)
      Hameed Thank you my friend! Looked up Contraband, will see it!

    14. wim nuytens 69 months ago | reply

      Great storie, beautiful serie !

    15. PetterPhoto 69 months ago | reply

      Maybe truth lies in the eyes? Great story and I tend to think like you do...

    16. Luuk L. 67 months ago | reply

      Great story and image!!!

    17. sherisnypesapirate 64 months ago | reply

      Many captivating stories are told by homeless people!. I have found that they are incredible people, as it is simply chance that sometimes puts them in the situation. I believe & hope for this man. I love all the b&w !!!! great & moving!! bellisimo!!

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