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Embrace | by macropoulos
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30/5/10: Nominee in Nature, 4th Photography Masters Cup


UPDATE: On Feb 14th, the next day I uploaded this photo, I noticed that it appeared on the explore top-20, so I replaced it with a square version (just added some black padding) that enabled it to appear on the explore frontpage. Talk about blatant self-promotion ;-)


I reverted to the original a day later. Made it as high as #9. Thank you all for appreciating my work and making this happen!


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Thank you all for your comments on my new lens. Thank you also for your advice on the ISO settings. You have all made points that are true, but bear in mind that there are always exceptions to the rules. To make this clear, let me demonstrate a case where I used a high ISO, then tell me what you think.


As I told you, Sunday was very gloomy. It kept raining all day long and I only got out during short rain breaks :-) Taking this shot was difficult because the light was very little. But I DID like this natural light and all the shadows and textures it produced, so I was reluctant to use a fill flash. I felt it would light places I didn't want to light... I didn't want to mess with the picture I saw through the viewfinder. Using a tripod was no option either because the wind kept moving the flowers ever so lightly, not enough to shake off the raindrops, but enough to spoil a long exposure... The only remedy, since I didn't want to use the flash, was a high ISO. A setting of 800 allowed me a speed of 1/100 and even at that speed, I only managed 2 sharp shots out of 7.


PS. When I'm talking about "flash", I'm refering to the on-board one. Don't tell me I have to get a super-duper flash unit, because I'm still recovering from the 1,500 euros I have paid for the camera and lenses :-) I will do so in the future, but not right now...

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Taken on February 11, 2007