Night Photography
Yeah I like to shoot at night. It's a blank canvas for you to light your scene, and pushing the exposure to balance all forms of artificial and ambient lighting brings out colours and objects you don't even know are there.

The night sky has always fascinated me, being out in the dark, on your own and pinned to the camera for however long you are exposing for gives you time to take it all in. You see and hear some interesting things both on the ground and up above but guaranteed, 99.9% of the good stuff happens anywhere but the direction the camera is facing!

Turning up and 'owning' a location for the night is a great experience. I find myself attracted to all the kinds of places that used to scare me as a child and never have I encountered anything that scared me... Well, other than a few rowdy badgers. Your worst enemy in these places is yourself, so tread carefully, but walk on in.
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