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    We all love the sky. We make millions of pictures of it, because it different every second. It is inspirational, every time you look at is, whenever it is day or night. Inspired by the sky, which is a little bit gray in Holland right right now, I created these images. I actually love the color palette, there is a little winter and some spring feeling in it. :)

    I did something different this time; there are some typographic elements added. Just a few words that describe the feeling I have when looking at it.. What do you think about adding text to it?

    Created with actionscript.
    Render size: 10.000x10.000 px.

    Available for print. contact me:

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    1. EgnaroorangE 74 months ago | reply

      The colour palette on this one is great.

    2. ronen20042002 74 months ago | reply

      Abstract Art Award


    3. lopezdepablo 74 months ago | reply

      Yes! this one the best of serie, best balance, more background is better, and the colors are great, well done : )

    4. OVE™ 74 months ago | reply

      i like this!

    5. PatrickGunderson 74 months ago | reply

      I like the words. Do you think it makes it look like a magazine cover or something? not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

      Also, I've started using imagemagick to process my tiles as I finally reached the limit on your excellent tiler app. At 256 megapixels the memory demands are too great.

    6. mark knol 74 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys! I love your comments.

      @clopezdepablo: Thanks. I'm trying to experiment from a busy and unordered pattern style to a random-but-clean and more accessible looking style. It has to be beauty, not only advanced-coded-looking ;) It's getting better every time.

      @Patrick; No, it isn't created for a cover, but I'll get the feeling you get. Maybe if some magazine is interested, they should contact me :)
      I noticed tiler app has limits, but for the sizes I use it works great. What size (width/height) is a 256mp image? But anyway; processing the tiles and/or creating a flat image or a scaled version (for flickr) takes a lot of extra time. So I'm interested in your way of processing the tiles.

    7. PatrickGunderson 74 months ago | reply

      I think it just speaks to your ability to add type to the image effectively.

      256mp = 16002 x 16002 = 6 x 6 x 2667 x 2667 :)

      I'm using GraphicsMagick, an open source image processing program that supports scripting. It does take a bit longer to process the images, but still faster than dropping everything into photoshop.

      now, I have a couple of command-line functions that composite the tiles and create a flickr ready version for me.

    8. simoncpage 74 months ago | reply

      sweet design

    9. Anthony Mattox 74 months ago | reply

      the colors in this are fantastic
      i think type can bring a lot to a piece but it must be part of the work/composition and of course well designed. Here it is working all right.

    10. carolrivello 74 months ago | reply

      your gallery is pure awesomeness !

    11. .hj barraza 74 months ago | reply

      Holy Shit,
      can you animate this ?

    12. mark knol 74 months ago | reply

      @PatrickGunderson; thanks for sharing your work process! I definitely need too check out GraphicsMagick. Maybe you can send some examples too me (or share it on your blog)

      @anthony mattox, simoncpage, carolrivello: Thanks!

      @hj barraza: This one is created using animation ;)
      I'm still looking for a good capture program, so I can share it.

    13. .hj barraza 74 months ago | reply

      What platform are you using ?
      nix, pc, mac?

    14. gero wortmann 73 months ago | reply

      wow !!! very beautiful composition

    15. .hj barraza 73 months ago | reply

      So marc...
      can i see some animated versions?

    16. A Message 72 months ago | reply

      text is wonderful

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