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Bay Bridge (#102224) | by mark sebastian
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Bay Bridge (#102224)

Photo by Jello


If you've ever wondered why I post photos that are shot by other people, here's the scoop: Under any circumstance in which I'm prepared to shoot photos, I always have two complete camera sets on me. And sometimes, the situation does not require me to shoot a two camera setup. So rather than bagging my spare 5D Mark II, I might pass it along to a friend or anyone who is interested in shooting. The trick is you don't need to know any technical knowledge to shoot an original photograph, all you need is an eye for subject matter.


If you have ever seen my cameras, the "Manual" dial is taped down so that nobody can move it. This is my way of controlling the situation. I'll dial in the manual settings and let them run around. Eventually, they will wander back to me with questions like "How come this is too dark?" or "Why is this blurry?" - This gives me a chance to look through their images and ask questions about what they are trying to achieve. A few adjustments here and there, and they are on their way again. I might even follow them around, adjust their exposure while they are focusing, aim make-shift reflectors over their speedlites to redirect light, moving objects around and so-forth. It kinda reminds me of playing Gyromite.


Often times, they'll end up doing something I would have never thought of doing - like using a flash while trying to shoot a bridge in the middle of the night. *Technically*, it's the wrong thing to do, but with a little bit of rain in the air, the final image comes out much better than I would have ever expected.

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Taken on January 16, 2010