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    "Unlike human eyes, which work best in day light, the cat’s eyes must function well in extremely low light condition and as such are well suited to an animal that is predominantly nocturnal and crepuscular in activity. In darkness, cats eyes are able to function in approximately one-sixth of the light needed for human vision. However they must also be able to function well in daylight – so just how is this achieved.

    In low light levels the cats pupil must be able to open as wide as possible, but also be able to contract to very small size to protect the sensitive retina in bright sunlight. In human eyes, this size variation of the pupil is controlled by a circular ciliary muscle, but this limits the amount of size variation. In cats however, the same process is controlled by two, shutter-like ciliary muscles, which gives the cat it’s characteristic slit-like pupil in bright light conditions. "

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    1. 92 months ago | reply

      floating head.. so sharp!

    2. visualdensity 92 months ago | reply

      Awesome use of dof and beautifully crisp sharp!

    3. moocatmoocat 92 months ago | reply

      love the clarity and blur, great eyes and interesting info

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    4. bonamynorman 92 months ago | reply

      ace shot, only possible with this type of lense... I just wish nikon had a true 50mm for digital that opened to 1.2.... :>(

    5. i_plus 92 months ago | reply

      I love this one!

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    6. .Great Grandpa & Grandma T. 86 months ago | reply

      Very nice dof. This image would compliment the depth of field group

    7. Creswald 81 months ago | reply

      Your picture is awesome.
      Please join us at Cats - The Best Shots, we'd love to have this added to the group!

    8. Luke James Murray 75 months ago | reply

      lovely photo and nice colours !!!!

    9. 74 months ago | reply

      We would love to use this picture in one of our slideshow. Thanks!

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      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Cat's Eye's, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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      Love your picture. I am using it for an article on hyperthyroid cats on
      Thanks for making it available!

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