The Museum::People Project
Photography has always been about context - the context of the scene, the context of the photographer, the context of the viewer. For many years, my context was simply that of a traveller documenting the world around me. Since my audience was my friends and family, I aimed to please them by rendering the most beautiful postcard shots I possibly could, hoping in some sense to pass on the experience and feeling of my surroundings as I went about the world for my job at the time.

Fortunately I also shot for myself as well, storing everything I took and occasionally revisiting old photographs. This collection is largely pulled from those unseen works, taken over 5 years in many museums around the world. While visiting, at first I was taking pictures of works I liked for my own personal enjoyment. Often, in especially crowded places I would simply be forced to take the picture with others in the scene. Eventually this became something of an habit of mine, and I would shoot people into the scene intentionally. Most the photographs here are either intentionally shot with a sense of timing to include other museum goers.

In doing so, I hope to give the pictures a sense of context themselves - if museums are cathedrals of art, here are their worshipers. Those that are fully engrossed in the environment around them, those that are posing to establish a sense of place, those that are simply waiting.

By gathering this collection together, I was somewhat surprised to see such a shared (and somewhat unintentional) aesthetic followed so precisely over so many years. It's often helpful to go archives diving with a different view, allowing me to pull together old works in new ways - and certainly less effort than envisioning such a project and revisiting these locations again. So if there is a lesson to learn from all this; keep experimenting and store everything - even failed experiments.
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