Balda Super Baldax
Balda Super Baldax
Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 1:2,9 / 80mm
Prontor SVS

120mm film 6x6

A 1950's folding medium format camera made by the West Germany company named Balda Bünde.
The camera has a fast fixed 80mm lens. The Prontor SVS shutter performs great and has speeds from 300 up to 1 and B. The appertures can be set from 2,9 up to 22, and anything in between.

The coupled rangefinder is a great asset, although in difficult light situations very hard to see. The DoF Scale on top of the camera is therefore very handy.

The camera is very compact and light in relation to other 6x6 folding cameras. The performance is great, although making errors in apperture and distance are fastly made. Every camera has its own character and this one sure has some! I have to work harder to get a good result. But because of this sensitivity it can be a very precise camera. The photos are more contrasty and tend to be a little darker then the Nettar's, but that last thing could also say something about the Nettas's shutter speeds...

The triplet lense is amazingly sharp, I like the contrast that it gives his photos, the camera is well build and it is fun to use, I have learned to love it and most of all respect it. Every action you take has consequences...
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