CCCIX Castle Entry - Falworth Keep
Falworth Keep is the ancestral home of Sir Roland the Noble. It was built by Sir Kendrick Falworth, the first lord of Falworth, in bygone times.

Far below the castle, the cliffs are wet from the swells of the sea, which dash upon the rocks with foaming waves.

Inside the castle is a blacksmith's forge and a small stables to house Sir Roland's worthy steeds.

Surrounding the castle proper are thick woods, in which abound foresters of the band of Will o' th' Black. They are a scourge to the neighborhood - Sir Roland and his men are kept busy repelling their raids and attacks.

Little do the occupants of the castle realize that underneath, far underground, is a hideout that shelters the rogue forces of Will o' th' Black. And how does one reach this cave? It is a closely guarded secret - (a slit in the rock just above the waterline at high tide allows access to the forester's refuge).
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