• collision course in 3..2..1... - Gabe Umland
  • great! - Gabe Umland
  • The wet sand contrast looks great! - Siercon and Coral
  • It's pepper! Somehow this MoC reminds me of the LEGO Island video games :) - .TheBricks
  • Hey! He does remind me of Pepper! :D

    I loved those games! :)
  • ;)
  • Thanks! :)
  • I really love that tree, it makes me remind of GTA Vice City. - TomSolo93
  • The water looks small today... - Sir Raviel
  • No one expects stealth shark! - Becheman
  • good job of pointing that out to me, you get a cookie

    *warning, cookie not included with cookie* ;) - DR.EPICNESS
  • de ne ne ne de ne ne ne de ne ne ne de ne ne ne STLETH SHARK! XD - DR.EPICNESS
  • even though its a very simple build, i really like this car. :D - DR.EPICNESS
  • Perfection. - |Zeron|
  • add a sniper on the rooftop and this is perfect - masterbrick customs
  • Cookie is cookie if it is an internet cookie, only available by re visiting this picture a billion times... :) - Brick Trio
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Downtown Venice FL.

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Built for the 2012 MocOlympics

Also, see it on Mocpages

This build was quite a challenge, As most of you know I usually build plant heavy, castle(ish) scenes, and I hadn't built a city MOC in over 7 years..

So this definitely got me out of my "comfort zone" and looking back now, it was rather refreshing. :)

Thanks for viewing! Have a great day! :)

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  1. Eklund! 19 months ago | reply

    Cool! Nice job on this Mark, I am glad Yursuff could make an appearance. Yursuff can brighten up any scene!

  2. The Timinater 19 months ago | reply

    excellent MOC!

  3. Carson Hart 19 months ago | reply

    I actually would much, much rather prefer these colors in this blue. They represent a bright and happy scene.

  4. Mark of Falworth 19 months ago | reply

    Thanks Eklund! :)
    Thanks man! :)

  5. marineraider [FWBI] 19 months ago | reply

    This is awesome! The trees look great and the beach is very nicely layered!

  6. Walter Benson 19 months ago | reply

    As some people have already pointed out... LEGO ISLAND! :D

    You just got me in a nostalgic mood. Thanks.

  7. Mark of Falworth 19 months ago | reply

    Thanks! :D
    Yes!! Those were the best games ever! :D

    Sorry man.. :(


  8. | Fade | 19 months ago | reply

    Whoa! Extremely awesome!

  9. [TLB] 18 months ago | reply

    This is pure sweetness!

  10. Truman Nihilist 18 months ago | reply

    Woah great work on this.

  11. WW2lego00 [deleted] 18 months ago | reply

    Cool! and I've been there.

  12. MasterMinifig 18 months ago | reply

    Yeah!! Florida!!! (Did't I do this before? ;] )

  13. LegoIiner PiIot 18 months ago | reply

    I have some advice for everyone, do not move to South Florida, it is one of the worst places in America in several ways. take it from a true Floridian! ;)

  14. Mark of Falworth 18 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys! :)

    I was born and raised only miles from this city and it is a very nice place. As good as any state I've ever visited.

  15. MasterMinifig 18 months ago | reply

    Or, you could live on the west side ;D (guess who lives there. . .)

  16. Medic!!! 18 months ago | reply

    A nice place , it may be. But come on! Can the USA think up an original name for once? The majority of cities in the states are also in England. Like Portland. That's a small Island in England!

  17. MinifigNick 18 months ago | reply

    Excellent Work

  18. L FIG BRO 5 months ago | reply

    0____o Amazing!!!!

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