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A Meeting by the Sea. {Part 1 of GC2} (main) | by Mark of Falworth
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A Meeting by the Sea. {Part 1 of GC2} (main)

Made for the Second Global challenge of LCC


Mark of Falworth politely paid his respects to the High Lord Godfrey Wenseclaus II and Lord Teherean at the capitol of Stonewald. After which he searched through the ancient records of Lenfald for the location of the lands once held by the Duke Wirklich Nervig, the last known owner of the Sword of King Karlamac. Mark discovered that the area he was searching for lay south of Armendahls Mountains and he set out with his companions thither.


Upon arriving, at the area previously described, Mark and his followers inquired if there were any persons of great age that could be found nearby, the peasants however, refused to cooperate and only by a gift of some Loreesi silver were the peasants willing to answer the foreigners questions.

The locals told Mark that a very ancient Hermit by the name of Everwinus bolso could be found on the coast a few miles away.


Truly, no better spot for a hermit could be found, situated on a pinnacle of rock, miles from any other habitation sat the hut of the old man.

Mark told his companions to wait a ways off while he talked to the old recluse.

The conversation starting with Mark

“Hello there good sir! I bid thee good day!” (Mark had to speak somewhat loudly for the ocean crashed underneath them.)

“Who be the likes of you!?” Replied the hermit.

“We are knights of Loreos, and we’ve come to ask yo…”

What did you say you were!? Interrupted the hermit.

“We are knights of Loreos!!”

“There’s no need to yell laddie, I ain’t deaf yet. Wait! What be Loreesi doin’ this far north!?” “Is there war!?” He said, clutching his knotted staff with both his hands.

“No, No! In truth, an alliance was announced many months ago.”

“Oh, that be something!”

“Yes, Well, I would like to…”

“So why be ye here!?”


“I was just getting to that good sir…”

“Directions Perhaps?”

“No. I wanted to ask you about the sword of King Karlamac, once owned by Duke Wirklich Nervig.”

“Do you know anything about it?”

The hermit was silent for a minute. “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I think you do.”

“Maybe I do, Maybe I don’t.”

“Good sir, If I were to find the sword I would immediately return it to the king who would use it to bring peace to this troubled land.”

“However, if I do not find the sword it may fall into the wrong hands and plunge the realm into a terrible war, worse than ever before seen!! Worse than can be imagined!!!”

The hermit’s eyes grew very wide.

“And do you know who people will blame for this calamity.”

The hermit swallowed hard.

“Unless you can help me, I fear the kingdom will be undone.”

“Well, when you put it that way...” “I guess I will be glad to help you.“ The hermit said with a nervous grin.


For the Glory of Loreos!!!

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Taken on July 16, 2012