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Long ago, a king by the name of Karlamac ruled Roawia. His rule was just and fair, but also one of the sword. Roawia was still a young unity, and many rebellions and brigands still needed to be crushed. The sword that King Karlamac wielded into many battles imposed fear on all his enemies, and lifted the spirits of all who were his allies.


Some say that the sword was given to the King by the gods themselves, and that it had true supernatural powers, but there was also a catch: The sword could only be possessed by the one to whom it is given by its previous owner. Anyone else who has tried to wield this weapon has often had its mythical powers fail them at a most crucial time.


Duke Wirklich Nervig of Lenfald, the most recent owner of the sword, fearing its power, hid it in a remote location for safe keeping. Unable to produce an heir, he failed to disclose its location before his death, and the sword has been lost for nearly 100 years now. Since its master never gifted it to a successor, the power of the sword is believed to belong to anyone who can find it. Many treasure-seekers and those who yearn to utilize the powerful weapon still search for it to this day, but it may never be found, for it is rumored that the Duke left many false clues and planted counterfeit swords throughout the land in the hope that the sword would remain hidden forever. There are questions that perhaps none can answer about it. Where is it hidden and what does it look like? Does it still posses the magic that once made it the most powerful weapon in Roawia?


In his continuing effort to unite the land, the King has offered a handsome reward for anyone who can procure the true sword and will turn it over to him. He plans to use it to squash the outlaws in the south, as the Loreesi and Lenfels have been encountering fierce resistance despite their best efforts. Of course the outlaws, hearing this news, are eager to locate the sword for themselves. Some would sell out for the treasure reward, but others with greater aspirations see it as a way to seize the power for their own dubious uses.


Who will prevail? Will the sword be returned to the King, or will it be used for a power-grab?


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For the Glory of Loreos!!! ...And Roawia. ;)


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