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(LoR) Disguised in the Desert. | by Mark of Falworth
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(LoR) Disguised in the Desert.

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Mark of Falworth and his loyal sidekick, Didrik, set out for Dalmanutha after receiving the ominous message from Prince Jarius. Little did they realize that the Prince sent several groups of Loreesi knights to lie in wait alongside the road, and forcibly escort Mark to the capital city. Luckily for our heroes, an over-friendly used camel dealer by the name of Yursuff was heading the opposite direction and warned Mark and Didrik of the waiting force. Mark, not wishing to be surrounded, and perhaps arrested, by a sizeable group of possibly hostile knights, thought it wise to sneak by in the disguise of other used camel dealers accompanying the ever-helpful Yursuff.


After reaching the great dry expanse of desert, Mark grumbled about the situation. “I can still hardly believe that used camel dealers don’t occasionally ride thoroughbreds…”


Yursuff piped up indignantly. “Eyyyyah! It would-a be a crying shame for a man of the camels to be seen-a riding a horse!”


Mark rolled his eyes. “Did you ever think that it would also be an enormous shame for a noble knight to be seen riding a disgusting camel?!”


Yursuff smiled, revealing his seven teeth. “I’m-a not the one who made-a you go around in disguise.”


Mark sighed deeply. “Yes, this situation is my doing. I’m sorry Yursuff, it’s not your fault. These weighty matters are making me irritable, and you’ve been a great help. Why, without you, we might be in chains by now!”


Didrik tightened the reigns on his camel. “Jarius does seems to want you arrested, Mark. Do you still think it wise to head to the capital? The Prince may be seeking to end you!”


Mark rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “It does seem to be a dangerous state of affairs, Didrik. But I think my refusing his summons by hiding may be just the provocation he needs to condemn me. No, we must head to Dalmanutha. But that doesn’t mean we can’t arrive in a quiet and unseen manner.”


Didrik scratched his head. “So, we are to sneak in to the city?”


Mark nodded. “Yes, for a while there, I wished to be at odds with the Prince, and I was even eager for a civil war. Now I feel that I could never forgive myself if I were to raise my sword against my countrymen. I will try to reason with him alone before such a calamity takes place.”


Didrik wiped the sweat from his brow. “That’s probably the best thing to do, but for heaven’s sake, do be careful. Loreos would quickly crumble apart if you were beheaded.”


Mark swallowed hard. “Hopefully Jarius won’t have a desire or chance to do that. I can handle a good amount of armed troops myself, and I think the Areani are more favorable to me than the Prince. In fact, I hope they haven’t tried anything against him…” At this point Mark began to seriously ponder the possibility of Areani interference, but his musings were interrupted when Yursuff pointed towards to horizon. “Well I hope-a everything is okay-dokay. Cause thay-a is the city.”


To Be Continued!


I love these sunny desert shots!

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Taken on September 18, 2015