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(LoR) A Foreboding Message. | by Mark of Falworth
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(LoR) A Foreboding Message.

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Mark of Falworth and his force of Loreesi soldiers had camped so long on the border of Lenfald that they had forgotten what it was like to feel the sand beneath their feet.


Mark stood underneath a small cluster of trees with some of the knights in his army when his second-in-command Sir Didrik strolled up.

“Greetings Sir Didrik. How are you today, on this damp and miserable morning?”


Didrik saluted. “Tolerable, Sir. I have some news from the Prince.”


Mark winced and closed his eyes as if in deep pain. “Don’t raise my hopes again, just to dash them as on the ragged cliffs!”


Didrik did his best to look sympathetic. “My apologies, sir, but it seems we will have to wait longer to raise our sword against the Lenfel.”


Mark hung his head in grief. “I fear I shall never live to see another glorious war… Ah! It is of no use. What ridiculous stunt does his majesty require us to do THIS time?”


Didrik cheerfully raised the scroll he was carrying. “Fear not, Sire! It seems that the army is free to depart from the border!”


Mark’s dark mood was considerably lightened by the news. “Well, that’s a nice change for the better!”


Didrik looked back at his scroll in concern. “But, there is one small issue, he wants you personally to come at once to Dalmanutha. His tone seems rather angry… perhaps you should read it yourself.”


Mark snatched the paper from his aide, cleared his throat and read it out loud.

“Dear Mark,

Your force is no doubt weary of guarding the river. It seems unlikely the Lenfels will launch an invasion before the new year, and we had best keep our own men fresh and ready for the time of need. Send them all home for the winter, or until further notice.


But as for you, I hear you have been undermining my rule of our people. Making jokes of my reasonable, sensible requests? This will end. Right now. Come to the capital at once, or suffer the consequences.


Kind regards,



Mark looked up from the letter with a grave look on his face. “So, it has come to this…”


Didrik’s eyes widened in fear. “What is our course of action, Mark?”


Mark clenched both his fists and snarled. “The warrior inside me wants to march my entire force down to the capital and knock the doors of the palace down right in Jarius’ face!!”

Suddenly, Mark caught himself. His passions and anger had gotten the better of him. He looked away quickly. “But my father wouldn’t want it so… A divided Loreos is a dead Loreos. I shall never be the first to strike the death blow. We shall do as the Jarius asks, one more time…”


To be continued!


A quick story based build to introduce some other incoming plot twists. ;)




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Taken on August 4, 2015