Make, Bake or Buy
Drawings for my "Make, Bake or Buy" Project.

I want to get back into the practice of drawing daily, or at least on a more regular basis. My goal is to draw to keep the ideas flowing, to try new techniques, to record ideas and have fun.

I'm creating my own project which I'm going to call, "Make, Bake or Buy". It's basically my wish list and materialistic playpen. What is that? I can't find a discounted plush velvet, chartreuse tufted sofa in mint condition that will fit through my apartment door? I'll just draw it up, and feel that it is mine. Overloading on carrot cake is going to make me diabetic? Maybe I'll draw the cake instead, and just eat the slice. The Kitchen Aid Mixer with flames that I just don't need...yup, you got it.

That way, I get to draw fun things, have lots of options, but with a bit of structure. Isn't it strange how overwhelming complete freedom of guidelines can be? Or is that just me?

I'm going to keep the goals loose, and aim for 2 drawings per week. I may not even write a blurb, but include my ideas in the drawing. (Like I could be mute, please.) Drawings will take anywhere from 5 minutes and posted using a scanner on my lunch break, to more extensive periods of time.

Details here:
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