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argh! | by Frau Haselmayer
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all of you know i love flickr and i spend a lot of time here...but the last days have been really tiring. i am upset about the censorhip that has happened but i am even more upset about all these senseless discussions, these calls to leave flickr, these allegations and these bitter feelings.

first, if you don't like yahoo/flickr, just leave but don't make that fuss about it.

second, do you really think flickr made this decision because of the fun of it? or because to bother us? no, i can not name the law they based their decision on. and i'd also like to know it eagerly. and i also think they should have informed us in advance. but i know that the past years there have been tons of cease and desist orders in germany and this has gotten who can blame flickr if they want to protect themselves against some kind of orders or lawsuits for example? lots of precautions are also based on past verdicts and not on acutals laws because there simply are no laws.

third, if you think this is about some crazy americans obtruding us their moral standards what the hell are you anyway doing here, on a website run by an american company? i'm sick of hearing about that impeachment. there are always two sides of the coin if something like this is happening - someone who wants to obtrude and someone who allows to get things obtruded.


i'm angry about what has happened and how. and i'd like to know the exact reason/law/whatever from flickr on which they based their decision...but i'm staying.


at last for today, why keep people spamming comments with huge warnings about cancer or some other kind of stuff and tell me i should print this ad and spread it?????

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Uploaded on June 18, 2007