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    You voted, and March's photo of the month comes from Cpl. Reece Lodder. Lodder was with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, on the way to meet with Afghan National Police when he noticed two small boys run up to Lance Cpl. Tom Morton. “Even in the middle of a mission that demanded his full attention, the tall, tattooed infantryman took a moment to make the children's day," said Lodder. "He didn't have to stop or interact with the kids, but he chose to. I thought it was a reflection of his character - and a greater reflection of the Marines around him."


    U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Tom Morton, a 23-year-old team leader with 3rd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, and native of Nashville, Tenn., hands an Afghan child a toy during a security patrol here, Feb. 25. On the patrol, the 3rd Platoon Marines partnered with Afghan National Police to search for insurgent activity in Safar Bazaar, Garmsir district's busiest commercial center. They mentor the ANP in a partnered combat operations center at PB Bury, and patrol with them throughout Safar. The partnership is a vital part of preparing the Afghan National Security Forces to assume lead security responsibility in Garmsir.
    (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Reece Lodder)

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    1. tzasam18 26 months ago | reply

      Great photo. Grunts are the front line for effective COIN. OORAH! Keep up the good work.

    2. lostmedic 26 months ago | reply

      Love it. best part of the job.

    3. shutterbug_65 26 months ago | reply

      Beautiful....Love this image!!

    4. mamasita65 26 months ago | reply

      very nice pic

    5. photoprodigy 25 months ago | reply

      Very moving pic!

    6. Black Sheep 217 25 months ago | reply

      SEMPER-FI I was in corp in the 80s KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND THANK U

    7. Native Islander 25 months ago | reply

      Awesome picture, but why do you suppose the child in black has painted red fingernails?

    8. gooseUSMC 25 months ago | reply

      the kid defiantly does, i'm pretty sure it's a tribal thing

    9. stephani_shaw1996 25 months ago | reply

      This picture really shows that Our Marines are stll human for all those people who thnk they are heartless. Thank you Marines for protecting our country..... We love you all.

    10. cyndipttr 25 months ago | reply

      the two little kids have heavy coats on, but do you notice that the dark coat little boy does not even have shoes on?? Can you image what that toy means to them? look at their body laungue? and the Marines too? Amazing!

    11. jleija79 25 months ago | reply

      Is that really an apple like the title says, or a toy mentioned in the description? Regardless... it's an awesome shot. It shows most Marines still have a lot of character and class.

    12. Black Sheep 217 25 months ago | reply

      Marines are GREAT SEMPER FI

    13. kitty1695 25 months ago | reply

      Way to go Marine (and all our young men and women over there) Hope more Afgans see this so they realize that most of us are human and caring people. We need to see more of these pics instead of all the unhappy ones. Thank you all and God bless

    14. Franks Photos - In Limbo 24 months ago | reply

      Memories of our CAP patrols, back in '69 and '70.

    15. MikeDalePhotos..... 150,000 views ==> Thank you 20 months ago | reply

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    16. edkotiuk 16 months ago | reply

      Marines are, and will always be, Warriors with a heart.....L/Cpl Morton typifies how Marines are trained and how they are expected to act during deployment missions. L/Cpl Morton carries on a time honored tradition from Capt. (then a Lt.) Presley O’Bannon to Captain Charlie Johnson (you can Google search Capt. Johnson from 1983 in Lebanon.) No Marine should ever disgrace his beloved Corps or this great Country. Semper Fi L/Cpl Morton.

    17. KristenM99 16 months ago | reply

      Let the media publicize this!

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