Sgt. Scott Moore and Mila Kunis

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    Sgt. Scott Moore and his guest actress Mila Kunis attend the 236th Marine Corps birthday ball for 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division in Greenville, N.C., Nov. 18, 2011. Photo by Cpl. Johnny Merkley

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    1. MOM4RMARINES 49 months ago | reply

      Mila thanks for being such a great patriot!! Not many in your postiion would step up top the plate to respect our Heroes! BTW 3/2 Betio Bastards RULE!! OORah Sgt Moore as ususal the Betio Bastards started a trend! 3/2-Leaders in all aspects!!

      Mama Lewie
      America 4R Marines

    2. Hammer10311 49 months ago | reply

      I'm glad she was able to come and be a part of a tradition that very few people ever see. However, I am also remiss about the fact that she is the only story with such noteriety to come from our unit. This is a Marine Corps Birthday Ball and the Marines of this BLT were the guests of honor - not her. Why not talk about the remarkable progress we made in the heaviest fighting season in ten years, talk about the lives and friends lost and experiences gained? Six Marines and one Sailor - a Greenside Navy Corpsman - gave their lives; four wounded from my platoon alone. Also, has anyone ever asked why this pog has a Navy Comm and a NAM but no CAR?

      And by the way, we're not soldiers, we're Marines.

    3. JMAlwes 49 months ago | reply

      At least his medals look a hell of alot better then that stupid pog bitch that went with JT

    4. readymadejunk 49 months ago | reply

      JMA chill pog or not she still serving, and she is probably boot

    5. Aryfrosty 49 months ago | reply

      OK. Who let you you scum heads back out of the sewer just long enough for you to criticize people who chose to show honor and respect for the Corps by attending the 236th ? If you ain't got anything nice to say then shut your pie holes or get back to showing respect for the Marines AND their guests. Those people, yeah hammer10311...people, not just her, who came to respect the Corps. Nobody made them come. Nobody paid them to come and if they had it is none of your business, Marine. (hmmm. Come to think of it you don't even sound like Marines)

    6. Aryfrosty 49 months ago | reply

      And, by the by...Hammer10311. The Sergeant has no VietNam ribbons. If you are referring to the top right ribbon it is the National Defense Service Medal. Issued to Military for service during any recognized armed conflict from VietNam to the present day. That is just another indicatir that you are not a Marine. Any boot would have known about the National Defense Service medal because they still issue them to this date. Also, if you knew anything about decorations, you would understand the the ribbon next to the National Defense is the USMC Good Conduct which indicates at least one enlistment already completed with good conduct. So he is Not a boot since he's already over 4 at least. By the way, has anyone ever asked why you have no information about USMC decorations when you put yourself out front as an expert?Semper Fi.

    7. Hammer10311 49 months ago | reply

      Read closely what I said, "frosty." My issue isn't with her, or anyone that brings positive attention to our Corps. My issue is that she - a celebrity - has superseded the amazing things our Marines have done by virtue of appearing here. Her showing honor? What honor? Attendance is not synonymous with honor fuckwipe, so get it straight. i can attend an AA or NA meeting but never be an alcoholic or crackhead. So what's your point?

      It is very much my business, though, this whole matter. I am a member of this battalion, served as a team leader, squad leader and designated marksman during this/multiple deployment(s). I've been with this BLT through the 22MEU, Haiti and Afghaniland. So to question my feelings about it, amounts to treason in my eyes; selfish though it is - but were you there? I stipulated why, in example, the fact that there are so many more stories than just some star fucking celebrity bullshit. What about Doc Ullom, what about Peter Clore, what about all the other Marines that gave their fucking lives and limbs? I've looked, no story to be found. Look on iCasualties, they don't even have Clore's unit listed.

    8. beznuts 49 months ago | reply

      did she drink at all? that's all i want to know.. I know every ball i took a chick to if she drank i was gettin laid.

    9. marine0311 49 months ago | reply

      Actually Ary... hes talking about the Navy Marine Corps Achievement medal... and you get a good conduct for three years of honorable service with no derogatory paper work... So, might want to do a bit a research and and know what you're talking about before you go running your mouth.

    10. Hammer10311 49 months ago | reply

      Also, order of precedence. Look at the order, boot. After that, go through the pictures and discover that he has no Combat Action Ribbon - which, by definition does not rate a medal and not a star on his sea service deployment Ribbon. He does have a Navy Achievement Medal and a Navy Commendation Medal, inboard of his top row - because that's how order of precedence works - but why? That was my question.

      Give me something with substance and not knee-jerk bootfuckery.

    11. davef1213 49 months ago | reply

      Semper fi brother. I have a new found respect for hollywood because she placed her hand over her heart and joined us in celebrating and remembering our brothers.

      Sgt Feehan

    12. Recondoc68 49 months ago | reply

      Hard to see a CAR with the candle in the way , A year in the bush and 36 long range patrols didnt give us NAVcoms or Achievement medals , it was part of the job . I remember returning from vietnam , A navy chief looked at me in Greens , with my gold wings which he didnt like . telling me that I would never be a salior. I guess he was right . I spent 10yrs out of 12 yrs in the navy as FMF. Still love the Corps even though i came through the back door . At least she came to honor the corps , Hard to belive that she will not remember that night for years to come. There are not many in hollywood who Honor the USMC . You think Bill Mar would come?

    13. sgt.weber0811 49 months ago | reply

      good job hammer10311 thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic is where is the combat action ribbon. maybe they're harder to get now then when I got mine in Desert Storm, or he is a rear echlon pogue. Whatever it is, I really don't care nor do I care if whats her name went to the ball with him. My experience in these matters are, that it's a hell of a lot more fun getting blind drunk with your buddies than going with a women, who lets face it is probably a poser, who's not gonna put out anyway. He would have been better off taking a pole dancer from the dirtwood or the brown bagger.

    14. usmcmomster 49 months ago | reply

      Well, I think it's great that she accepted, went, and had a good time celebrating with our heroes! I am sure it was an honor for her! God Bless our troops and Semper Fi!

    15. Hammer10311 49 months ago | reply

      CAR's are harder to get, yes; hell, I had mine submitted 3 different times. If I have to spell it out, my contentions factor thusly:

      1: A pog with a Navy Comm and NAM gets press for asking a celebrity to The Ball. There are no "V"'s on those personal awards - how could there be with no CAR? Why such notoriety?

      1a: Why must this overshadow what 03's and attached units/Corpsmen who left the wire on a regular basis? The fact that this article exists proves the point.

      1i(implication): How does this reflect upon us as an organization?

      2: For the purpose of clarity, I will state again that I am pleased that she accepted and came to The Ball; I am also pleased that given her public access she can share with others what so few Americans ever see. I am not belittling that fact.

      2i(implication): Ref of ((1i)context), I am merely stating that her presence overwhelmed the guests of honor - as stated by LtCol. CG Dixon(Commanding) - that the Marines and Sailors of this Battalion were the guests of honor.

      Simply put: Stop starfucking and realize that these Marines and Sailors gave their all, and so did their families. Publicize that, and not this trash.

      Link for reference on Sgt. Moore's awards.

      *Note the single SSDR, lack of CAR but presence of NAVCOM and NAM. My question still stands.

    16. Lyndseyloo247 49 months ago | reply

      He wouldn't have been better off with a dancer from dwood! Have you seen them these days?Bleck! I used to work there. I actually did go to the Ball this year and did NOT put out or drink. Anyway, I respect her for going and knowing to put her hand over her heart during the National Anthem. I'm not sure why you guys are arguing but he was on the deployment with you, why does it matter if he has a CAR or not? He went to Aghanistan and did his job, same as you. You can't fault him. I also know for a fact that my best friend's fiance is a Sgt in a certain company and was able to call her multiple times a day EVERY day and bitch at her about stuff she posted on FB and other things. He's definitely an 03 so it's not just POGs who had access to the internet constantly.

    17. Mtd9999 49 months ago | reply

      Really sad that other Marines here are bashing Sgt Moore regarding his personal awards. If you are one of them, YOU, are part of the 10% and it says far more about you than it does about him. Marines have different jobs and responsibilities, all of them equally important. What is even more unfortunate is how you expose your ignorance to the American public. And for what it's worth, I have one and 27 years of service to go with it. Semper Fi, Sgt Moore, well done.

    18. paolaane 49 months ago | reply

      So sick of Marines bashing Marines. Where is your E'Sprit de Corps? Where is the brotherhood? Shame on all of you. Stop picking him apart and be happy for him. For those who have not served, kindly STFU, unless you have served or directly supported someone serving your opinions are not necessary or appreciated.

      As for Ms. Kunis. So happy to see that she kept her word, appears to have been a delightful date, dressed appropriately and knew how to conduct herself during the National Anthem and ceremony.

      Semper Fidelis!

    19. Joy Elizabeth 49 months ago | reply

      Sincere FUN! Great moment captured!

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