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    For Illustration Friday. Done with Painter 9.5, with the tinting, basic round tool. This illustration is also posted on I saved some of the early stages of the pic and I have posted them there.

    1. Jelle Paulus [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      whow very cool ... is this with acrylics or a digital medium.... should begin watching large files of images :P maybe i see it when i do... for now just need to say it's very cool...

      edit: strange i didn't recognise it was yours... wel i did watch the large file for ones and i still don't know.. it looks like it's digital but you must be able to work really precise with that medium... you've got such a tablet ?

    2. MarielosP 104 months ago | reply

      Hey necromancer2006,
      thank you!
      I actually use a Wacom Cintiq tablet/monitor (recent upgrade)... until June this year I had a regular 6x8" Wacom Intuos 2. I have been using Wacom tablets since 1997. (I have to upgrade every few years as I kill them by using them 8-10 hours a day).

    3. justlikestars [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      Roar! I like that he looks so feirce and yet somehow I think he is play fighting...He really leaps out too! Awesome just aweome.

    4. MarielosP 104 months ago | reply

      thank you, justlikestars... I have improved on it a bit. This is a new version. I added more shadows under the paw and arm, and darkened his mane etc. I just wanted to pump up the contrast a bit and make that arm really burst forward.

    5. galeria_stefbu 97 months ago | reply

      awesome work!!!!!! =) great job on the hair ...i got so much to learn

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