1001 poems at Night of the Dead ones
An event that took place the 2nd of November 2019 at NDSM in Amsterdam, honoring the dead ones.

I participated with a project called 1001 poems for 1 night, existing of 500,5 own poems about death, fixed on a long washing line of 100 meters. A playful, daring and absurd research about death.

The poems were written on plastic bags, each filled with beach-sand and a shell. Each meter a mobile clothespin was connected (with a little lamp fixed to it) hanging in between the poems. (Intended to take away and use while reading the poems).

Although hardly anyone showed up, I enjoyed for 1000 (and 1) and all the poems survived wind-force of 60 km an hour, although 2 times I was blown from the ladder and amused myself a lot with the storm-challenges. The poems made great sounds, wildly being moved by the wind.
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