Happy Industry organised by Joep van Lieshout
Happy Industry is a local neo-Industrial Revolution. The festival is a celebration of the return of the raw industry, in an age of computer aided
manufacturing, back to the origin of making. Industry and physical production to the edges of our world seemed banned out in today's world but
will be the centre of Happy Industry. A reinterpretation of industrial production and revaluation for raw materials are the driving forces behind the
creation of a temporary settlement in the museum park, around a casting shed with a primitive workshop. Artists, designers and makers
- Peter Rogiers, Rossella Biscotti and Kevin van Braak, Frederik Molenschot, Paul Geelen, IJzerij Paul, Atelier Van Lieshout -
experiment with industrial production and will with grinding machines and smoking furnace melting, smelting and forging.

Happy Industry offers the public a program of music, film, performance, food and beverage. This merges with the manifestation
of the production processes and raw industrial character. The music program includes the presentation of a symphony for a forging hammer,
a sound performance by Margriet Kicks-Ass and a performance by the duo Bismuth. The film program consists of the projection of montages,
documentaries and films, and a collaboration with choreographer Karin Post and EYE. Artist Mia Andresen organizes a continuous massage performance
in and around Darwin, where the hard workers and exhausted visitors can find relaxation. During Happy Industry thus continuously cast, melted, forged,
danced, ate, drank and massaged.

During Happy Industry Institute the new institute organises an additional program including artist talks and workshops for young people.
Between the sparks and the lubrication of furnaces and machines artists, makers, scientists and children are reacting on topics such as industry,
production and consumption.

12th until 14th september 2014
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