Day 110 - Judy and the Dream of Horses

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Ever since I learned how to read, I've stayed up way too late doing it. I used to read for hours under the covers when I was younger, or by a nightlight or the hallway light leaking in under the door. I learned to recognize family member's footsteps in order to know when I needed to hide and when I would be okay. I don't need to be so covert about it anymore, and more often than not I fall asleep before I get too far, but I love reading before I fall asleep. The only problem is that, if it's compelling, you have to stay up :)

and yeah... that's Lolita... that and Pale Fire are two of my favorite books ever. I love Vladimir Nabokov, and not for the shock value.

I have been on a huge Belle & Sebastian kick lately.

Judy wrote the saddest song
She showed it to a boy in school today
Judy, where did you go wrong?
You used to make me smile when I was down
Judy was a teenage rebel
She did it with a boy when she was young
She gave herself to books and learning
She gave herself to being number one
Judy, I don't know you if you're going to show me everything
Judy, I don't know you if you're going to show me everything

Judy got a book at school
She went under the cover with her torch
She fell asleep until it was morning
She dreamt about the girl who stole a horse
Judy never felt so good except when she was sleeping
Judy never felt so good except when she was sleeping

Judy, let's go for a walk
We can kiss and do whatever you want
But you will be disappointed
You will fall asleep with ants in your pants
Judy, you're just trying to find and keep the dream of horses
And the song she wrote was Judy and the Dream of Horses
Dream of horses
Dream of horses

The best looking boys are taken
The best looking girls are staying inside
So, Judy, where does that leave you?
Walking the street from morning to night
With a star upon your shoulder lighting up the path that you walk
With a parrot on your shoulder saying everything when you talk
If you're ever feeling blue
Then write another song about your dream of horses
Write a song about your dream of horses
Call it Judy And The Dream Of Horses
Call it Judy And The Dream Of Horses
You dream of horses

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  1. kevinwells 78 months ago | reply

    :( @ chelly's comment being about covers in the book sense

    i mean, yay, but i was really hoping it was about her stripy comforter, and there was a group just for photos of bed sheets and whatnot. (though technically i'm sure there is). 'cause i think it looks pretty snazzy. and warm.

  2. margolove 78 months ago | reply

    kevin! you log off AIM right when I get back and then you comment on my flickr? what is this?!

    and that IS a warm cover. It's a down comforter. I would freeze to death without it.

  3. Gloriale [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    aww me too, that's one of my favorite songs.

  4. amalia chimera 78 months ago | reply

    yay for b&s. i had a chance to see them, but didn't think of buying tickets early enough (curses to me!!) they NEVER tour! and it was done by seats...which is cool, i never am able to actually SEE good bands from being behind tall people, but a real auditorium could have been cool.

    anyway, to your photo. this is a habit i did a lot as a kid, too. i'd pretend i was camping!

  5. chelly-egg 78 months ago | reply

    kevin - that's not true! that group is also about the places you read and it specifically says that you can submit pictures of you covers (the blanket). take back the frown!!!

  6. nar. [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

    This picture reminds me of Arnie so so much.

  7. brandoncripps 78 months ago | reply

    I think it's Belle & Sebastian season; they've been in my ears a lot this week too.

    I like your sheets.

  8. noodlegirl55 78 months ago | reply

    You just love Lolita don't you.

  9. margolove 78 months ago | reply

    haha, that's so funny, Woodvines! Maybe it's the cold weather. And I like my sheets too... stripes.

    Yeah, steph, I do.

  10. daryldarko 77 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Women and Girls Reading, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  11. gandersource [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    hello. this photo of yours is in my recent video:
    dream your dreams
    hope you enjoy it!
    thank you for sharing.
    cracking photo!
    gander source films
    - john

  12. 2KoP 68 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your great photo. It was the perfect illustration for my blog post on reading called Assuage Any Trouble. Thanks.

  13. una_mujer_sovietica 65 months ago | reply

    a wonderful photo and so nice to read that you appreciate not just Lolita. Have you read his novels first published in Russian? I adore "Invitation to a beheading" and "Despair".

  14. margolove 65 months ago | reply

    thank you! I have read some of his earlier works, and I liked Despair quite a bit. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and never got to finish it. Perhaps I'll pick it back up while I'm away from school. It was beautiful.

  15. jublin 65 months ago | reply

    wha-! you deleted the photo! and you said something but i didnt get to read it! i didn't mean to sound creepy. i should have been more gentlemanly and wore a top hat or something.

  16. margolove 65 months ago | reply

    hahah aw jubz, it wasn't because of that. I just didn't like it that much and my sister looks at my stream now so I thought she might be creeped out by me putting up pictures of her, ha. It wasn't because of you! all I said was that I should take it down before she saw :P

  17. jublin 65 months ago | reply

    *puts on top hat*

    how do you do miss?

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