Day 86 - Head in the Clouds

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My friend and I were talking the other day, and we realized that we are both idea people.

I love thinking about possibilities, about the future, playing things out in my head... but I'm not necessarily so good at following through on them... I worry about how that will affect me in life. It doesn't really matter how great your ideas are if you can't make them into something tangible. And I worry sometimes that I distance myself too far from reality. I like to romanticize things and perhaps I end up seeing them as better than they really are. I don't form close relationships very easily. I am also not a very critical person, and perhaps sometimes I should be.

I am also pretty sensitive and, as a result, I really don't like conflict. I let people abuse me too much.

I'm not sure why I did this today, and I apologize for it being so similar to yesterday's... I don't even know if I like it, and it seems cliche as hell, but oh well.

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  1. margolove 90 months ago | reply

    ahaha, that's MY hand, kevin (and fridu)

    I know, it's big :P

  2. Alice L. Obar 90 months ago | reply

    love this.. especially that it's b&w

  3. brandoncripps 90 months ago | reply

    This is my favorite this week so far. Well done, you!

  4. chelly-egg 90 months ago | reply

    margo, do you have giant hands? i'll bet you made a killing at zing zing zing.

  5. 90 months ago | reply

    Calvin Klein... contradiction...

  6. margolove 90 months ago | reply

    khol - :) I'm glad.

    peter - that sounds like something you put in a yearbook! seriously, though, "you're kind of like my Maude" is one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me :)

    banjomoon - thank you!

    alice - thanks! The color wasn't really doing anything for it (besides making my skin look gross 'cause it doesn't go so well with white) so I just got rid of it.

    Woodvines - thanks! That means a lot :)

    Mister changingname - I think I will do that :) I have an idea... thanks for the suggestion!

    chelly - zing zing zing? Is that a game or a euphemism?

    amelia - hehehe

  7. chelly-egg 90 months ago | reply

    zing zing zing was a hand-jive-clapping competition thing that girls did when i was in grade school. i'll type out what i can remember (wish i could show you the hand actions too).

    zing zing zing take a peach take a plumb take a stick of chewing gum no more school no more books no more teachers dirty looks auchy-kautchy liberaci i love you HEY all the children laugh and play 'til the sunset goes away thinking of the boy/girl that said i love you

    and then you would have to go faster each time you went through chanting that and doing your clapping thing.



    now my comment seems even sillier.

  8. Bhumi Finding Herself 90 months ago | reply

    I am loving the current trend of black and white and your writing.
    Creative !

  9. margolove 90 months ago | reply

    chelly! that's not silly, that's cool... I've never heard that one before :)

  10. Sarajea 90 months ago | reply

    Margo, I adore the simplistic text thing you've got going on here.

  11. mezopants 90 months ago | reply

    You are now even more of a delicate flower to me.

  12. susiejulie 90 months ago | reply

    this is fantastic--you are so great, in all your different ways!

  13. jennmm 90 months ago | reply

    I am publishing a book called The Big Book of You ( and what you are doing here is PERFECT for the book. Would you be interested in participating in the project? There are contributing artists from almost a dozen different countries and yours would be a standout for sure. You can reach me at jennifer[at] I am on a rather tight deadline... in fact we are almost done but when I saw your creation I am willing to move some things around to accommodate it. So let me know. THANKS
    Best, Jennifer

  14. johnlamb 86 months ago | reply

    Thanks for publishing your photo with a Creative Commons license! I used it in the following story and gave you credit here:

  15. Sarajea 84 months ago | reply

    Margo, I was cruising Digg and saw your photo here.

    Thought you'd like to know. =]

  16. margolove 84 months ago | reply

    oh, awesome! Thanks, sara :)

  17. manou2513 76 months ago | reply

    Dear Margo:

    I am contacting you from Kent State University Career Services Center in Kent, Ohio, USA hoping that you could help me in allowing our center to use the above picture. We are hoping to use this picture in a document that we send out to parents of students; the document is not used to sell any services and the picture will not be altered in any way.

    Please let us know as soon as possible if that would be ok. Also, please feel free to get back to me with any questions or concerns you may have via email at
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Manal Sakr, Career Counseling Assistant

  18. Tetley T 65 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Personal Ad, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  19. bakabuta 42 months ago | reply

    I love you're photo, I hope you don't mind me using it for my blog.

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