Hidden Squ4re Mini Festival 2016
Two local teenage girls put on a successful mini festival in Coln St. Aldwyns to raise money for the charity Harambee Schools Kenya. The Hidden Squ4re Festival, held on Friday 2 September 2016, was organised by 14-year old best friends Susie Hicks Beach and Olivia Elliot. The girls used to attend Hatherop C of E Primary School together.

The idea for the festival came when they discovered the tiled floor of an old summer house, their ‘hidden square’, in the woods in Coln St. Aldwyns. This would become the stage for their festival. They cleared the area, rented a generator to power lights and borrowed bales for seating from Fairford farmers Tom and Suzie Paton. They then designed t-shirts and posters, and publicised the event. Friends and family manned stalls and loaned gazebos and fairy lights.

The festival, attended by more than 100 people, featured three local musical acts (Ethemia, Henry Bateman and Becca Arkwright), a barbecue, drinks, henna tattooing, a lucky dip and children’s games. A profit of more than £1,350 was made, all of which will go to the Kenyan charity, to provide school meals for 90 children for a year.
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