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217/365 | by star of the seaa
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Tomorrow is a new day, and a better day than today.


Hair wraps around face, around hands, around ears, around eyes, blocking senses needed for perception. Hands grace necks, lips touch skin, breathing steadies, hearts beat fast, uncontrolled, beating together. Cheeks flush, beads of sweat succumb to gravity, tears wiped away. Salty to the taste, eyelids shut, lips licked. Skin caressing skin. Lines, curves, bends of the body meld together. Small bumps rise and fall, goosebumps in the night, chills run down spines, down legs, to feet. Eyes open, staring at other eyes, staring back. Blinking slows, rain drips off noses, off chins, falls on toes. Hands clasped, together, intertwined, as one. Light rays bathe bodies, sounds reverberate off skin, tastes more vivid, colorful. Emotions explode in the moonlight with the rain, within two bodies, love.

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Taken on October 27, 2009