Wiels 2009 : Artists' dialogue : Marcel Berlanger & Vincent Geyskens
"Artists' dialogue : Marcel Berlanger & Vincent Geyskens", Wiels, Brussels, may 20, 2009.

The work of Marcel Berlanger (1965, Belgium) is an art of revelation, in the photographic sense of the word. For the Belgian artist, the goal consists in both delivering an image and revealing its pictorial origin. Marcel Berlanger is Professor at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique in Brussels. His work is represented by the galleries In Situ and Rodolphe Janssen.

Vincent Geyskens (1971, Belgium) practices a form of painting in which the substantive, technical and material conditions continually shift and the initial preconceptions continually mount up. His paintings depict the accelerating tension between image and construction, between illusion and material. Vincent Geyskens teaches at the Fine Arts Academy in Ghent. His work is represented by the gallery Anette de Keyser.

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