#014 - The Furious Monarch

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The adventurers didn‘t search for long for the magnificent palace complexes. Soon they spotted Gong Bao and tried to address him. „Uhm, Sir. We want to..“. Jon got interrupted.“What are you looking for on my countries, strangers?“, Gong Bao was already screaming from afar, „I’ve never seen you, let alone given you permission! Guards, catch the intruders!“ Gong Bao was furious. „Run, Jon! Bring the boy home, I will fight the guards and give you time“, Abdul shouted. Jon had no time to think twice, he looked at the boy and said:

Option 1:“Your father, the blacksmith, is eagerly waiting for your return, no time to waste!“
Option 2:“Hurry up, we need to inform my father as soon as possible, he’ll send help to free Abdul!“

This is a Vignette Series with an uncertain outcome: Influence the storyline by voting for your favorite Option in the comments. (Voting from 7pm ECT till 8am ECT the following day.)

Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Mr_ReaperGod 9 days ago | reply

    nice, the roof is awesome and the details are neat. option 2

  2. LeewanLego 9 days ago | reply

    My favourite vignette so far. We don't see much of the palace given the limited surface, but there's still plenty of great details, like the railings, the columns made of Technic connectors, or that stunning dragon.

    It would be criminal not to save Abdul after everything he did to help Jon, so I'll pick Option 2 too.

  3. LegOH! 9 days ago | reply

    Agreed, option 2

  4. Carter Witz 9 days ago | reply

    Man, this is really nice! I love the roof and the railing, and the dragon is really awesome too! Option 2

  5. KevFett2011 9 days ago | reply

    fantastic vignette. I really love that series 😍 keep going on the great work

  6. Roanoke Handybuck 9 days ago | reply

    Nice work! Option 2

  7. Petric_G 9 days ago | reply

    Drachen 👍 Geländer 😍

  8. LegoModularFan 9 days ago | reply

    Unbelievable! You’ve taken vignette building to another level! I’ll go with the option 2. Keep up the incredible work!

  9. LegoHobbitFan 9 days ago | reply

    You're really coming out with these vignettes fast here, I eagerly await more! This is one of the best yet, I love the use of the baseball bats and that dragon statue! Option 2.

  10. Jake Needle 9 days ago | reply

    That dragon statute is simply astounding

  11. MarcelV. 9 days ago | reply

    (0 - 10) "I won't forget what you did for me, Abdul!", Jon shouted and took the boy by the hand.

    Thanks guys, seems like there was only one decision right here. :))

    Victor Oh, unexpected for me, while I think it's (due to the storyline) kind of too crowed. Glad you enjoy it, of course!

    LegoModularFan Thanks a ton, had a few days off this week, so increased the pace a bit. For the finale I'm going back to investing a few days per vignette.

    LegoHobbitFan Thanks, sadly I've got to admit, that the baseball bats received tiny scratches when I took apart the railing. Using them like here is less harmful.

  12. W. Navarre 9 days ago | reply

    Indeed this one is fab, the dragon is amazing! Much NPU!

  13. Jako of Nerogue 9 days ago | reply

    wow, just wow those baseball bats the dragon pretty much everything in this moc is fantastic!

    option 2

  14. Wochenender 8 days ago | reply

    This is epic on so many levels! Just stumbled upon it now. :o

    option 2! Bring in the army :D

  15. gid617 8 days ago | reply

    The dragon and that roof are both amazing! Great job!

  16. MarcelV. 7 days ago | reply

    W. Navarre Jako of Nerogue Kai NRG/Geneva Thank you! Guess I packed every standard red part I own into that dragon ;))

    Wochenender Honored! Glad you like it!

  17. lego.obsessionist 7 days ago | reply

    Are those baseball bats? Brilliant!

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