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Red Paris

Red Paris The helicopter 2007:last sunday 2008: road & sky A night in Cunha The sun and the clouds Dream Island For my flickr's friends! Happy weekend to you! Good Night! At the end of the day Pousada dos Anjos Happy Sunday Flickr's Friends And the world turns around..... The sun is up, the sky is blue.... Triumph's Lights Sunday morning Saíra de 7 cores/Tangara seledon The lighthouse Archs

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Gordon & Julia Gardner says:

What a photo-stream - could spend hours trawling through it.
Posted 118 months ago. ( permalink )

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Social Geographic says:

Outstanding photostream, True photogrphy... simple and beautiful.
Posted 118 months ago. ( permalink )

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@uroraboreal says:

This brilliant photo is like a shooting star, extraordinary!
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Please consider posting this picture into this group, thanks!!

delicous :)
Posted 117 months ago. ( permalink )

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GlossyEye. says:

WOW! never seen anything like these photos. I can't even imagine !!!! beside that I want to say that I appreciate very much your art and I really enjoy what you do, You just capture the beauty that's hidden in everyday things, The good thing of Flickr is precisely this, to know different people around the world who enjoy the same things as we do.
Thanks for sharing this masterpiece and My best
wishes to you from the bottom of my heart.
Posted 117 months ago. ( permalink )

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irina 53 says:

gorgeous photos, marcia, very hard to pic a fave...thank you!
Posted 117 months ago. ( permalink )

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lemosp says:

Seus albuns de fotos são belissimos.
Posted 114 months ago. ( permalink )

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JannaPham says:

Great set! Wonderful pictures and very impressive colors! SUPERB, Marcia! Congrats!
Posted 112 months ago. ( permalink )

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