Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372)

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The Eta Carinae Nebula lies 7500 light years away in the constellation Carina. At it's heart is the star Eta Carinae, a supermassive star of over 100 solar masses. The nebula itself is over 7 times larger than the Great Orion Nebula (M42) and is approximately 250 light years across.

Full Resolution:

This is 7.3 hour LHaRGB image (30, 210, 60, 80, 60 minutes). All subs were unbinned. Ha, (L, R, G) and B subs were 30, 5 and 10 mins respectively.

FOV is 2.35 x 1.56 deg @ 2.21 arcsec/pixel.

Takahashi TOA-150 refractor @ F5.5 (FL=825mm) on a Paramount ME, SBIG STL 11000M camera and Takahashi 645 Super Reducer.

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  1. 37 months ago | reply

    Hello, this is the blind astrometry solver. Your results are:
    (RA, Dec) center:(161.046857818, -59.8170477669) degrees
    (RA, Dec) center (H:M:S, D:M:S):(10:44:11.246, -59:49:1.372)
    Orientation:135.16 deg E of N

    Pixel scale:2.19 arcsec/pixel

    Parity:Reverse ("Left-handed")
    Field size :2.33 x 1.55 degrees

    Your field contains:
    NGC 3372 / eta Car nebula

    View in World Wide Telescope

    If you would like to have other images solved, please submit them to the astrometry group.

  2. simonjchristopher 37 months ago | reply

    This is simply stunning

  3. the3dwizard 37 months ago | reply

    All I can say is WOW!

  4. marc4darkskies 37 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys, glad you liked it!

  5. BlackDiamond17 37 months ago | reply

    Simply stunning :-)

  6. Linden O Dhuthaich MhicAoidh 27 months ago | reply

    im always amazed by just how enormous a space these photographs show. I rarely take photos with a distance range more than a few hundred metres, this photo is staggeringly mind blowing

  7. ShoulderOps 26 months ago | reply

    That is a superb image. Fantastic.

  8. lefevre2 25 months ago | reply

    Wow! Amazing image. Makes me want to learn how to do this.

  9. 76doublebass 6 months ago | reply

    Hello Marc. I am getting ready to image from "Down Under" using starting next month. I like their CDK 700 27.5 inch Planewave, but will need to find the right scope to get this huge FOV in Eta Carina. I see you used much Ha. I will try and use this filter a lot when trying out this object. As you may know their scopes are expensive to use,but I like your formula for imaging this and will be posting image from this scope on flickr next month.

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