Rosette Nebula

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The Rosette Nebula is an emission nebula that lies about 5000 light years away in the constellation Monoceros. At the centre of the nebula lies the star cluster NGC 2244 which comprises massive O and B type stars that drive the stellar winds that have all but cleared the central region of gas and dust. These stars also provide the energy that excites the ring shaped emission cloud known as the Rosette Nebula.

Full Resolution:

This is an LHaRGB image (60, 210, 60, 60, 60 minutes). All subs were unbinned. Ha, L and RGB subs were 30, 5 and 10 mins respectively.

FOV is 2.44 x 1.62 deg @ 2.21 arcsec/pixel.

Takahashi TOA-150 refractor @ F5.5 (FL=825mm) on a Paramount ME, SBIG STL 11000M camera and Takahashi 645 Super Reducer.

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  1. 38 months ago | reply

    Hello, this is the blind astrometry solver. Your results are:
    (RA, Dec) center:(98.0200406681, 4.98961038842) degrees
    (RA, Dec) center (H:M:S, D:M:S):(06:32:4.810, +4:59:22.597)
    Orientation:23.12 deg E of N

    Pixel scale:2.20 arcsec/pixel

    Parity:Reverse ("Left-handed")
    Field size :1.61 x 2.42 degrees

    Your field contains:
    The star 12Mon
    NGC 2239 / Rosette nebula
    NGC 2244
    NGC 2252

    View in World Wide Telescope

    If you would like to have other images solved, please submit them to the astrometry group.

  2. astrochuck 35 months ago | reply

    Very nice, great detail

  3. cmstoltz 25 months ago | reply

    Great picture of the Rosette. I have been looking for such a pic of Rosette for illustration in an article I am writing for the Cedar Rapids amateur astronomy club newsletter and would like to use this. Of course, with acknowlegment to you and annotation of the image. Would that be possible?

  4. LEATHER MASTER SATAN [deleted] 20 months ago | reply

    Amazing photo... you are a very remarkable astrophotographer.

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