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Remington Standard Billing Typewriter, Circa 1930, Arizona Eastern Railway Station Museum, Globe, Arizona

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This is a photo I took of the old Remington Standard Billing Typewriter that is on display at the recently renovated Arizona Eastern Railway Station / Museum in Globe, Arizona. As best I can tell, this is the typewriter used by the original Station Manager circa 1918 - 1930's. It shows a lot of wear and use and the keys are very dusty.


The restoration of the historic railroad buildings began with the freight office in 2005, followed by the passenger lobby, beginning in 2007. Historic Globe Main Street Program volunteers put in countless hours recovering the lobby space. The freight office and lobby have won state preservation and economic restructuring awards. Make sure you come visit the beautiful railway station lobby when you visit Globe.




E. Remington and Sons (1816-1896) was a manufacturer of firearms and typewriters. Founded in 1816 by Eliphalet Remington in Ilion, New York, and on March 1, 1873 it started manufacturing the first commercial typewriter.


In 1886, E. Remington and Sons sold its typewriter business to the Standard Typewriter Manufacturing Company, Inc. Included were the rights to use the Remington name. E. Remington and Sons changed its name to "Remington Arms".


"Standard Typewriter" changed its name in 1902 to "Remington Typewriter Company". This company merged in 1927 with "Rand Kardex Company" to form "Remington Rand", which continued to manufacture office equipment and later became a major computer company, as well as manufacturing electric razors. (Source: Wikipedia)




Remington Billing Typewriter was first introduced in 1903. The Remington Billing and Tabulating Attachment, used for billing, statistical, and accounting work on the Remington standard typewriter, was advertised in 1899. A tabulator attachment that was advertised in 1906. "A key-set decimal tabulator makes it possible to set the stops on the tabulator rack by depression of a key. The tabulator also moves the carriage to the correct decimal position." (The Office Appliance Manual, 1926, p. 109.)


These billing typewriters had a tabulator mechanism for form and tabular work located on the rear of the machine. There is a row of tabulator keys (mounted horizontally) along the front of the base of a Remington Billing Typewriter, which was a modified Remington No. 6 upstrike. The number and location of the tabulator keys changed over time on successive Remington models that had tabulators. Remington marketed its No. 7 with a tabulator, and in 1908 Remington began to market its No. 11 front-strike typewriter with a tabulator. The tabulator keys on the No. 11 were located above the regular keyboard.



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Taken on April 12, 2009