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2/52 Who I Am: Woman

Jan 7/12 As a followup to my first shot...this year, I am going to try to give myself moments when I feel like a woman and not just a mommy 24/7. When I feel feminine instead of constantly in corduroys and jeans and mukluks and t-shirts with food all over them. A year I can step out for a bit from time to time and remember (or be reminded) that I am a woman: an independent, intelligent, sensual, hilarious, crazy, fun and spontaneous being.


Don't get me wrong. I LOVE being a mommy. It's the number one part of who I am and it brings out the best in me, but this year, I intend to reclaim some of the many other equally passion-filled sides of myself: the woman, the actor, the photographer, the writer, the singer, the storyteller, the daredevil, the baker, the bookworm, the music-lover, the film-fanatic, the tomboy, the daydreamer, the cailín, the feminist, the environmentalist, the athlete, the comedienne, the knitter, the chef, the nomad...the list is endless. Who knows what opportunities 2012 will unfold? Best to be optimistic and put one foot forward. Step into the light of it.

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Taken on January 7, 2012