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Guatavita - The Sacred Lagoon

The Sacred Lagoon (lake) of Guatavita near Bogotá, Colombia.


See more information about Guatavita and "The Offering" in Colombia's Gold Museum's Website.


The following is an excerpt of an account by Juan Rodríguez Freyle, who in 1636 described a tribal ceremony held on this lagoon by the Muisca indians:


"...At this time they stripped the heir to his skin, and anointed him with a sticky earth on which they placed gold dust so that he was completely covered with this metal. They placed him on the raft ... and at his feet they placed a great heap of gold and emeralds for him to offer to his god. In the raft with him went four principal subject chiefs, decked in plumes, crowns, bracelets, pendants and ear rings all of gold. They, too, were naked, and each one carried his offering .... when the raft reached the centre of the lagoon, they raised a banner as a signal for silence. The gilded Indian then ... [threw] out all the pile of gold into the middle of the lake, and the chiefs who had accompanied him did the same on their own accounts..."


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Taken on September 29, 2006