3d pan white

depth over distance every time, my dear

Depth over distance was all I asked of you

And everybody round here's acting like a stone

Still there's things I'd do, darling, I'd go blind for you

If you let go sometimes, let it go sometimes, let it go

Just let it go sometimes


I've been listening to a lot of Ben Howard lately, and I never get tired (and never fail to be affected emotionally) by Depth Over Distance.


The other day I was sitting here, working on images at the computer, when Grooveshark played this song. I found myself opening up Notepad to write this:


This song is like swimming up through the water, towards the light of the sun that breaks

like tiny jewels on the surface. This song is like watching the very tops of the trees dance in

a summer wind. It's like finding a path through the woods when you've been lost for years. It's like

the feel of a hand slipping into your own, fingers intertwining.


And here's a live version... because it's pretty spectacular what that man can do with a guitar and that voice of his.

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Taken on June 14, 2012