belle isle castle, part one

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    I've been meaning to put together a few photo "stories" from Ireland... meaning, one image followed by a few more in comments. I have too many images to post each individually, and some of them wouldn't stand very well on their own, anyway.

    This post features the first installment of images from Belle Isle Castle, which is where the wedding was held, and concentrates namely on the beautiful bedrooms in the castle.

    And, yes... this is my third post of the day (I should have linked these images to the previous post, but didn't think about it until afterwards).

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    1. Lance Romance <Qieut> [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      kill the wabbit kill the wabbit

    2. Glen~P 35 months ago | reply

      Life is best seen in the details. Well seen, Danielle.

    3. Kirstin Mckee 35 months ago | reply

      blimey, these are all just gorgeous!
      what an amazing place!

    4. lumberjacklukee 35 months ago | reply

      Jiminny Crackers this is beautiful. I especially enjoy the 3rd and the 4th pictures in the comments. Your sense of color and composition are working in a very wonderful and lighthearted way. These pictures make me feel like this is a place I have been to before, almost evoking some lost memory, but not only that, the pictures seem more beautiful than if I had really had the experience; which I think indicates, that this is a successful series of photographs. At least thats my opinion.

    5. paristhiva 35 months ago | reply

      excellent shot

    6. [Photom] 35 months ago | reply

      superb series....some fantastic compositions here - they really paint the picture of what looks like a wonderful place. I'd love to see more of these little stories Danielle.

    7. n.white1 35 months ago | reply

      i love that you brought out the wonderful everyday details...if a castle can be said to have everyday details. love the second last one in the comments especially! i'd love to see more stories too

    8. sue.h 35 months ago | reply

      They are all lovely. I absolutely adore #1 in the comments.

    9. Holden Richards 35 months ago | reply

      lots of great examples of how to photograph a room here. well done!

    10. Karenbag 35 months ago | reply

      Hi, I am a fan of your photos from Korea.
      Your pictures always show their own stories like fairy tales, and they inspire me as well.

    11. daisy jars 35 months ago | reply

      Ahhh...that castle looks so magical! My favorite part of these photos is all the different wall-coverings....yeah...gorgeous!

    12. mtngrlkd 35 months ago | reply

      You've captured the magic of this place! #3 is especially welcoming.

    13. wildorange55 35 months ago | reply

      i adore all of these. you could sell them as ads for the castle! or however castles garner publicity, i really have no idea how they go about these things. just gorgeous.

    14. katez0r 35 months ago | reply

      I'm so glad you're posting Ireland images. I was missing them. I especially love the second to last one. Such a fun composition.

    15. Owen Luther 35 months ago | reply

      Wow. You've put on a clinic here of how to photograph an interior without the use of a wide angle and with thoughtful and clever composition.

    16. rsc_escher 35 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful and inviting place! Beautiful work, and think a lot of these could have stood on their own too :)

    17. Andrey Timofeev 35 months ago | reply

      I am afraid for this little bunny.

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