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raspberry marbled cheescakes. aka, yum.

Thank all of you soooo much for the birthday well wishes! It's been a pretty good day indeed, although it's not over yet... cake and presents pending very, very soon :-)


I did have to work today, but my coworkers made it special. Three of them made me a homemade card (construction paper and animal stickers), two of them coordinated to bring me balloons and a cupcake - candle lit, singing Happy Birthday To You, while I was gloved in and finishing an pyometra surgery - and there was free lunch (thanks, boss!) and bonus salted caramel ice cream. Factor in the calls from family and friends (Iowa, Wyoming, New York and Massachusetts... I feel so loved today!) and, yeah... it's been a good, good day.


I made these last night, to take into work today, and they were delicious. I particularly loved the fact that when you swirl the dollops of raspberry just right, you end up with hearts. Cheesy but adorable.


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Taken on February 14, 2012