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once upon a time

Wahclella Falls: further evidence that the Pacific Northwest exists in a fairytale.


I spent close to two hours wandering around this place a week or two ago... up hillsides, down hillsides, up rocks, up ledges, up piles of scree. I've been to this waterfall a number of times, but each time I go I'm stunned that such places truly do exist - these places, full of such beauty that little room is left for much else. Every time I go, every time I round that corner of the trail to experience the thundering roar, the freezing spray, the greens so lush they hurt my eyes - I'm transfixed. Thoughts, worries, sadness - those things let loose of my head and heart and leach down though my feet and out into the ground. In the sudden vacuum that remains, wonderment rushes in and fills me to the brim. The heart lurches, the lips tug up in a grin, the eyes widen. And, after a while, my hands find their way to a camera, and I begin.


Image made with a Zero Image 2000.

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Taken on February 10, 2012