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of dreams and books and hiking trails

Another one from Dog Mountain, this time along the lower portion of the trail. You can see the Columbia River in the distance - that blue ribbon winking through the green. I loved the soft golden color and the texture of the grass along either side of the trail.


This is another "post and run", as it's time to start workday #4 of 6. I've performed somewhere around 35 surgeries in the past two days... despite that, I didn't dream of surgery last night, but rather of books. A library of sorts, actually. I was standing above a tall corridor, maybe twenty stories high, looking down to the "street" below. The corridor stretched for probably a quarter of a mile, and lining its walls were books of all shapes and sizes. The walls were punctuated with narrow walkways and stairs that hugged them, so that one could climb to each successive level. And streaming through that space was golden light, long low beams of it striking paths through the deep chasm of books. People, so far below that they seemed very tiny, wandered along the corridor's main avenue, in and out of the light. It was beautiful.


Anyway, tangent aside... it's off to work I go.

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Taken on December 15, 2011