raindrops keep falling



My life is splattered like the edges

of a painting in the rain. Stained

grey days melt all together

for the weather always hesitates

to change.


In truth, I can't complain

like the rest, for the way

I feel when those drops

drive down and smash onto

the glass of my car

is nothing short

of relieved.


I believe that I could be

like a winter storm, dark and

lumbering and seeping

into spring before

my clouds finally break

into powder puff worries

and even those I know

will scurry into the deep blue

of a wild and windy day.


But until then I am content

to rain.



(Poem by me. I have long had a fascination with the way water droplets perch on surfaces, especially skin. One of my Flickr contacts has quite a few of them, this one is my favorite among them. I attempted some of my own shots not too long ago, but it's nearly impossible to do by yourself. Still, it gave me an idea for a diptych.)

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Taken on May 17, 2010