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the future's so bright, you've gotta wear sunglasses

I found a print of this image last night, an underexposed print, and I realized that with my recent advent of negative scanning (as opposed to scanning prints) that it might turn into something interesting. I've probably been through this particular set of prints three times now, and each time I find something that catches my eye - and didn't before.


This is a pinhole image that I took from the top of Eagle Falls, which overlooks Lake Tahoe. While we weren't fortunate enough for any interesting clouds that morning, I was still amazed at the goldeness of it all. I think pinhole did a good job of capturing that light and motion.


As for the title, I am excited tonight. I am perhaps not as blindly optimistic as the title suggests, but I am optimistic nevertheless. Four years ago I was depressingly discouraged at America's decision. Today I am proud of us. I am also a bit nervous in wondering what the next few years will be, because I believe that my/our decision will bring about the greatest amount of change that would have been possible. And change, even when desperately needed, can be scary. But as I've heard multiple times today - there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I am ready for this. I think America is ready for this. Certainly, the rest of the world is ready for America to be ready for this. ;-) And I am proud.


I am also very happy to be done listening to political ads. Ha.


Happy Election Day, all. Thanks for voting.

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Taken on November 4, 2008