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to think that i'll have to give it all up someday

God it’s great to be alive

Takes the skin right off my hide

To think I’ll have to give it all up someday


Two of my favorite things in the same image - the St. Johns Bridge and the constellation Orion. This was taken one evening last week after I had dropped my parents off at their motel room... I had an urge to visit the bridge, and so I went. I had Fuji Velvia 50 loaded in my Nikon FM, which made for about a three-minute exposure from this vantage point under the bridge. You can just begin to see star trails...


The lyrics are from the song "To Go Home" by M. Ward. I was just introduced to his music last week, and I very, very quickly became a fan of his music. Good stuff.


I have a few other images to post from this night, but all in good time.

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Taken on March 5, 2008