photos under CC-BY-3.0-de-license (by Manuela Schauerhammer, Berlin)from the dress rehearsal of the new documentary thatre piece ECHTER BERLINER !!!! IHR NICHT FUCK YOU

"ECHTER BERLINER !!!! IHR NICHT FUCK YOU is a documentary theater piece exploring the diverging and converging experiences of so-called “expats”, often coming from comparably richer countries who travel to Berlin for self-realization, with those of so-called “immigrants”, often coming from comparably poorer countries for financial survival. At least, these are the generalizations.

For this piece, an international ensemble of six performers, each connected to a so-called “expat” or “immigrant” group, have conducted interviews with more than 60 members of their respective communities about their experiences in Berlin. Every word spoken on stage is taken from direct transcriptions of these interviews, revealing an oft-surprising picture of reality far beyond the banality of stereotypes."

text source www.etberlin.de/production/echter-berliner-ihr-nicht-fuck...
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