Todd and Sam Are All Over the Beach, Suquamish WA

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    Todd and Sam know what to do with a beach pretty much anytime they come across one. In this case it's just after sunset on a beautiful August evening and the tide is slack... break out the paddle board!

    This is Agate Pass between Suquamish and Bainbridge Island. For centuries the Suquamish tribe had a significant settlement on this beach, with a large "longhouse" extending all along here. In 1870 the army decided it should be burned down after Chief Seattle's death. Now there is a park a few hundred feet towards the bridge from here (where the main part of the longhouse was) and a bunch of little houses like the ones you see, built much more recently. I have heard there is archeological evidence that this beach has been inhabited by humans for as much as 5,000 years. In the water off the tip of Bainbridge island (to the left in the equirectangular image above) there are petroglyphs, perhaps marking the entrance to Agate Passage. 15,000 years ago the sea level was about 300 feet lower, prior to the retreat of the ice.

    It's an interesting spot.

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    1. Rober1000x 36 months ago | reply

      what a beautiful scenery.

    2. E li s a beth 36 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous! So you access this from the Squamish side of the agate pass bridge?

    3. Mantis of Destiny 36 months ago | reply

      Turn right at the casino. Drive north/winding east to the road that intersects just by the gas station and turn right. It winds over to the water at the park. Click on the map here to see more detail.

    4. E li s a beth 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks! I'll definitely check it out. Looks like a good place to launch a kayak which I love to do!

    5. Catoctin Vigneron 36 months ago | reply

      I really love your work. One of these days when I am less busy with the vineyards I need to learn how to do it.

    6. Mantis of Destiny 36 months ago | reply

      I'll try to be helpful when that time comes. I can strongly endorse the Nodal Ninja panorama heads (I use the NN3) and the PTgui Pro software. There are many other paths to make good equirectangulars, but that particular combo along with a lot of Photoshop time, has been good for me. If I were starting out today, I would probably begin by playing with Hugin since it is free and obviously works really well judging by what I see on Flickr. I would also consider making a DIY pano head (search the web for many, many good DIY pano head ideas) or put some time into learning the "Swing rod" technique that Vitroid uses

    7. -cr 36 months ago | reply

      :) Nice!
      ... and thanks for the free history lesson!

    8. boffo1234567 36 months ago | reply

      Great spot - nice background light

    9. marcellucray 34 months ago | reply


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