• devils on horseback? wow, this is one heck of a shindig! - chotda
  • it justed turned 1977 in Perth

pineapple holder

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  1. ddot. 96 months ago | reply

    too good to be true!

  2. manthatcooks 96 months ago | reply

    not nearly as impressive as the guy at the party that made himself an R2-D2 costume out of matress foam.

  3. Bowhaus 96 months ago | reply

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your photos, and equally to reading your wry and witty comments

  4. manthatcooks 96 months ago | reply

    I'd best take some then (and I hope you don't mind waiting a while for the wry and witty comments)

  5. chotda 96 months ago | reply

    oh me too. i'll be waiting by the popcorn.

  6. manthatcooks 96 months ago | reply

    Talk about your performance anxiety.

  7. Andrew McLucas [tokyogoat] 95 months ago | reply


    hope someone made one of these for your birthday, which happens to be today!!....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, manthatcooks....!!

  8. manthatcooks 95 months ago | reply

    Hey cheers mate!

    Hopefully I'll be getting these pineapples


  9. chotda 95 months ago | reply

    hpppppppppppy brrrrrrrthdyyyyyyy!

  10. manthatcooks 95 months ago | reply

    Apparently vowel control is the first thing to go.

  11. Bowhaus 95 months ago | reply

    And it's all downhill after that...so enjoy your birthday before it's too late :)

  12. manthatcooks 95 months ago | reply

    Oh I know. Now I've got a cold. It'll be lumbago or corns next.

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