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...... turn on the red light ... :) | by >>mansur::amir<<
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...... turn on the red light ... :)

At last, my first darkroom print after a 5-year hiatus. YES, F-I-V-E years :). Life and work commitments took over such that I do not have the luxury of enjoying myself in the darkroom. The spare room which I used as my 'darkroom' before had turned into a store room of sort. Yesterday, at last, I managed to clear some of the stuff to make way for me to put the trays and have some space for me to stand in front of my enlargers.


Unfortunately, my focomat V35 bulb blew and I couldn't locate where the spare Philips 13139 bulb was. This print was made on my Durst L1200, which previously I only used for MF negatives. At least I get to print :) so no complain there. Although I still prefer the V35 for 35mm though. I'm thinking of ordering the Heiland LED cold light to replace the light source for my V35.


Picture is of an abandoned house not far from my in-laws' place in Melaka and was taken way way back in 2011 I think.


Camera: Olympus OM4, OM 24/2.8, Rollei Infrared 400S, Hoya R72, EI12

Development: Rodinal (1:50), 12', 20C

Print: 8x10, MGIV RC Pearl, Neutol WA, Grade 3, Durst L1200

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Uploaded on September 3, 2016