Summer is over
One last hurrah before teaching takes over my life again.
During the birthday camping a few of us talked about going out and doing one last summer campout. What better way to finish the summer then with a trip to an abandon ranch on Mt.Diablo, the summer mountain!

Like always great rides start with something dumb happening.
Before jumping on Bart, Dav, Brencho and I stopped by the local taco truck to get a quick taco before the ride. I ended up losing Brencho's phone at the taco truck.. Brencho was super cool about it and for the rest of the ride the on going joke was , "Hey Brencho this would look nice why won't you take a picture of it on your phone....nevermind."

All in good fun.

We roll over to Rivendell with Duy, Wilson, Mike and his friend Matt waiting for us and surprisingly the rest of the Grin Fundo camping folks.

We purposely didn't try to overlap both events but I guess that's what happens.

The Grin Fundo group rode up before and we caught up along the way. Got to talk to a handful of folks on the list and even (gasp) take a few pictures.

After the Junction the groups parted ways and we made our way up to the abandon rancho. Dark was settling in and we ended up pitching tents in 30 mph winds!

Dinner was shared as we made spam musubi and The Dav. A fire roasted banana with chocolate chops, small marshmallows and *wait for it* whisky in it's pudding like goodness.

We slept very weary knowing that at any moment a shadowy ghost of the old ranchers could come by and wake us at any moment!

The next day we were lucky enough to find ourselves over a blanket of fog that cleared once we rode down it and back home.

Great trip. Looking forward to doing again next summer!
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