Half-Moon Bay S240
Not all great adventures are memorable for the things you want it to be.
Sometimes they are memorable because of the horrible time you had...

Summer in Northern California is magical and usually means(for me anyway) pedicab season!
It's a weird transition of working for me where my summer really hasn't started.
After a long week of riding my bike for work I figured it was time to ride my bike for fun.
Lately I've been doing my best making invite people on rides or overnights, weeks in advance,
so that have time to join in. So for this Super Moon thing it was cool to have a good group of people coming along.
Well you know how it goes, life sometimes takes priority and the majority of those folks had to bail at the last minute.
It didn't help that the weather said it was going to rain.
No big issue at least I convinced my buddy Chin to come along
and his only reason that beat the weather was that he wanted to film the whole thing.
Something along the terms of him wanting to videotape Back To Earth 2.

I was just glad someone was willing to be stupid with me.
We started out late with some Mexican Food at the Ferry Building. (Super outdoorsy I know)
We headed through the Wiggle, past the Panhandle and through some dirt in Golden Gate that Mike showed me.
The rain wasn't bad but we knew it was going to be. As we get to Ocean Beach it starts dumping.
The long stretch to Pacifica in rain was miserable. Dripping wet, we passed Daly City and was close to calling it quits.
Call it bravado or stubbornness or even sheer stupidity but we continue slogging our way towards Pacifica.
Dripping wet we decided to take a coffee break to warm ourselves, mentally and physically.
The coffee and snacks barely helped and we even consider our option if it the weather started to get dangerous.
Great thing about these s240s is that you always have the option to go home if you want.
We figured we could always just call someone to pick us up.
It was reassuring but we talked about how disappointed we would be if we stop now.
We continued in the miserable weather and climbed up Planet of the Ape road.
The descent on the road down was worth the dealing with the crappy weather.
We hit every puddle and every jump we could within reason.
We get to camp late, everything drenched and no chance of seeing the Super Moon with the clouds. We had high hopes that it would clear up somewhat the next day.

It didn't.
The next day we ride out in full rain, again. We climbed out of Half-Moon bay on dirt which offered a little reprieved from the rain but quickly caught the fog on skyline all the way towards Chin's place in Palo Alto. Again it was miserable slogging our way down Skyline. We opt to do some amazing dirt trails down.
I decide to continue all the way home following the Bay Trail home.
I don't remember much about getting back but I do remember bonking somewhere on the Bay Trail so I ate the only food I had a block of havarti cheese I inhaled. That and getting lost and having to go through a fence to find my way back on track.
Pretty miserable time.
I'm only glad it was over.
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