SFR - Russian River 300k
Good time riding to nowhere and back. Doing my first Populaire last year I got to riding with Esteban who told me when nearing the end of his 300k and there's a zen feeling with nothing around you in sheer darkness. It was a humbling opportunity to ride with so many strong and experience cyclists.
Some highlights.
-Riding with miles of wildflowers.
- Tagging along with Ian's group till River Rd.
- The beautiful rolling hills after Healdsburg.
- Coastal tailwinds all the way to the Marshal Store.
- Riding with and talking to Jenny Oh about her aspirations in finishing a Randonneur Series( good luck to her)

Good sense of learning happened.
-Always jump on the tandem train. They can take you to wonderful places when you are hurting.
- Riding in sheer darkness on a quiet road by yourself is zen-like.
- Jump in groups to break up the monotony of riding alone.
- Let groups go when you know your cooked.
- Understand the wonderful healing properties of Slim Jims.
- You can and will get dropped by everyone riding anything.
- Bring extra everything. Food, clothes, gloves, lights, stories, smiles. You know the essentials.
- Getting stung by a bee sucks. Specially when you get stung near the saddle area...

Pictures Proved that it's pretty at nowhere:

-Manny "What there's no burrito place open at 11 at night?" Acosta
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